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PRIMAVERA P6 Project Management Software Fundamentals & Advanced Course + Exam for R8,696 ex VAT. (Certificates on Completion) 



























Primavera P6 Training: Fundamentals & Advanced Course + Exam for R6,696 ex VAT. 























As an Oracle Gold Partner, Synergy Projects Consulting instructor is an Oracle Primavera P6 Certified Specialist. With extensive knowledge in both Oracle's Primavera P6 PPM & EPPM software modules, you know your Primavera P6 training will be conducted by the best. 

We maximise learning by adopting an approach of explanation, demonstration and practical teaching.

We also offer:

  • On-site training.

  • Live on-line training.

  • Evening training classes.

  • Weekend training classes.

What's included on the course:

  • R2,500 Primavera P6 R17 training manual.

  • Training laptop provided for the duration of the course with the Primavera P6 R17 software.

  • Primavera P6 R17 certificate, (PMP points claimable).

  • Certified Oracle Primavera P6 specialist instructor.

  • Buffet breakfast & lunch and cold-drink.

  • Coffee, tea, water, biscuits, fruit and mints.

  • Training material covered on course is provided on a memory stick.

  • Free 60-day support for all attendees.

  • Complimentary Fibre Wi-Fi is available.

  • Secure parking.

We are running a special; receive R500 OFF each course when booking the TR102 Primavera P6 Basic Course and the TR106 Primavera P6 Advanced Course within the same week.

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Fundamentals Course (3x days)

R9,000 per delegate ex VAT

Get started with the P6 module through hands-on, basic training. Participants will gain a thorough background in the concepts of planning and scheduling. Scheduling techniques will be covered. This three-day course leads you through hands-on workshops that create and track an entire project to completion. All workshops and instruction use the three basic elements of project management: schedule, resource and costs.

Learning Outcomes:

• Create a project with activities and resources
• Calculate a schedule
• Analyse resource/cost data
• Compare current vs. target schedules
• Add a Project to the Project Structure
• Create a Work Breakdown Structure
• Add Reference Documents
• Add Activities
• Add Steps and Codes to Activities
• Create Relationships
• Schedule a Project
• Add Constraints
• Organize Activities
• Assign Resources and Costs
• Analyze Resource/Cost Usage
• Optimize the Schedule
• Status the Project
• Analyze the Updated Project

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

• Earns 19.5 PDUs 
• PMI Program Number - PP6 

Prerequisite: A knowledge of Windows™

Course Length: 3 days

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Advanced Course (2x days)

R6,000 per delegate ex VAT

This two-day course provides in-depth project management training in Primavera’s client/server based solution. Building with the skills learned in the basic course (102), the 106-P course covers
advanced subjects such as earned value analysis; updating baselines; and top-down budgeting.
Hands-on workshops enable students to apply skills learned throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes:

• Modify projects using advanced functionality
• Analyze projects using earned value
• Resource Levelling
• View Primavera data in other applications
• Manage Multiple Projects 
• Using Codes in Primavera
• User Defined Fields and Global Change
• Advanced Scheduling (Retained Logic, Progress Override & Actual Dates)
• Importing and Exporting Data
• Transferring Data Between Primavera and Excel
• Updating Baselines
• Claim Digger
• Duration Types
• Calculating Percent Complete
• Earned Value Analysis
• Activity Usage Profile and Spreadsheet
• Auto Compute Actuals

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

• Earns 1 PDU and .1 CEU per hour of instruction
• PMI Program Number – PP6 
• Total PDUs - 13 

Prerequisite: Course 102

Course Length: 2 days

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Fundamentals Web Course (3x days)

R9,000 per delegate ex VAT

Participants will create a project, add activities and relationships, assign resources, adjust the project plan to account for schedule delays and over allocated resources, and analyse portfolios. Participants also will learn how to customize the Personal Workspace and the Project Workspace to monitor project progress and communicate with team members. Enhanced risk management and project templates. BI and BPM are not covered in this course.

Learning Outcomes:

• Create a project 
• Create a Work Breakdown Structure 
• Add activities 
• Customize activity views 
• Create relationships 
• Schedule the project 
• Assign constraints 
• View the Enterprise Project Structure 
• Optimize the project schedule 
• Assign roles and resources 
• Analyse resources and costs 
• Baseline the project plan 
• Execute the project 
• Customize dashboards 
• Manage risk 
• Create project templates
• Assign and analyse resources 
• Analyse project performance 
• Execute and control the project 
• Customize dashboards and the Project Workspace 
• Create a project
• Create project templates and portfolios

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

• Earns 19.5 PDUs

Prerequisite: A knowledge of Windows™

Course Length: 3 days

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Advanced Web Course (2x days)

R6,000 per delegate ex VAT

This Primavera P6 Advanced training reviews topics which include creating resource teams and role teams, high-level resource planning and resource levelling. You'll learn how to view and analyse portfolio performance, assess return on investment and analyse capacity planning, waterline and earned value.

Learning Outcomes:

• Use high-level resource planning
• Use resource levelling
• Staff resource requests
• Create resource teams and role teams 
• Assess portfolio performance
• View return on investment data
• Conduct waterline analysis 
• Use advanced scheduling techniques
• Creating Resource Teams and Role Teams
• Viewing Portfolio Performance
• Viewing Portfolio Information 
• Managing Allocation
• Use advanced scheduling techniques

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

• Earns 13 PDUs

Prerequisite: TR103 Primavera P6 Basic Web Course

Course Length: 2 days

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Refresher Course (1x day)

R4,000 per delegate ex VAT

This one-day refresher course covers the main lessons that were covered on the three-day basic course and the two-day advanced course. Delegates who attended the 102 basic course and/or the 106 advanced course but have not had that much hands on experience with the Primavera P6 software, then this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes:

• Global, Resource, Project Calendars
• Project & Activity Constraints
• Resource & Usage Profile & Spreadsheet
• Baseline & Variance Tracking
• Importing & Exporting, SDK
• Creating & Running Reports
• Creating UDF & Running Global Changes
• Retained Logic, Progress Override & Actual Dates Scheduling
• Fixed Duration, Units/Time & Units Practice
• Calculating Percent % Complete
• Earned Value Analysis

Profession Development and Continuing Education Units:

• Earns 6.5 PDUs 

Prerequisite: Attended for either the 102 Basic course and/or the 106 Advanced course
Course Length: 1 day

Classroom Training Primavera P6 Administrator's Course (2x days)

R6,000 per delegate ex VAT

This two-day course covers how to build enterprise data structures and configure settings to support an enterprise implementation. Among topics covered are; how to build and manage the EPS and OBS. Add users and configure security profiles, set enterprise data and default settings and support project management processes.

Learning Outcomes:

• Uninstall Primavera P6
• Install Primavera P6 Standalone with Oracle DB
• Upgrade P6 Client & Database
• Install MS SQL 2008 & Oracle DB Independently
• Create P6 New & Sample DB
• Migrate DB from Oracle DB to MS SQL DB
• Backup & Restore Oracle DB & MS SQL DB
• Primavera P6 Navigation Window
• Create User Accounts
• Setup User Security Profiles
• OBS & EPS User Security Restrictions
• Scripts & Background Jobs for Orphaned Records
• Import & Export P6 Projects

Prerequisite: A knowledge of Windows™

Course Length: 2 days

Online Primavera P6 Assessment Exam (3 Hours)

R1,000 per delegate ex VAT

Is your Primavera P6 planner/scheduler competent in using Primavera P6?  

Does he/she know how to create and build a project using the Primavera P6 client and/or web tool?

Do you have an opening within your company that requires the skills of a Primavera P6 planner/scheduler? How do you know if this individual is experienced or competent enough to use the Primavera P6 client and/or web tool?

This Primavera P6 Planner Assessment is designed specifically for that. We will provide the delegate with a multiple choice questionnaire that covers both the general knowledge of Project Management as well as the general knowledge on using the Primavera P6 software tool. The delegate will then receive a scope of work/plan that he/she will need to capture within the Primavera P6 tool.

Results of the assessment will be provided to the client and upon successful completion of the assessment a certificate will be rewarded to the delegate.

Some of the Assessment Areas Covered:

• Project Management Terminology 
• Scope of Work/Plan to Capture in Primavera P6 (Ability to follow instructions) 
• New Project Creation 
• Calendar Creation  
• WBS Creation
• Activity Creation 
• Activity Relationship (Predecessor/Successor) Creation 
• Lag and Total Float  
• Resource Creation
• Resource Assignments & Usage Monitoring 
• Critical Path Monitoring 
• Baseline Creation  
• Project Progress (Updating the Schedule)
• Creating Reports
• Importing & Exporting

Prerequisite: TR102 and/or TR106

Exam Length: 2 hours 30 minutes


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